Mental Health Support for Children and Young People


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Contacting MindCraft Psychotherapy is the first step in gaining support for your child or young person at what can feel like a difficult and complex time. When our children and young people experience significant emotional and behavioural difficulties, it becomes extremely distressing for them and for the people caring for them.

MindCraft Psychotherapy offers mental health support through psychotherapy tailored to each individual child and young person’s needs. We aim to bring about change and emotional growth in your child or young person whilst supporting them with respect and integrity.

Through talking therapy, play therapy and other creative mediums we address problematic underlying thoughts, emotions and feelings which affect a child or young person’s relationships and experience of the world. Families, parents and guardians have an important role in supporting a child or young person in their journey through therapy; helping to maintain the work that their child or young person has done in their therapy to create positive changes for themselves.